The foundation's 20th anniversary was celebrated with a fantastic evening

The board would like to extend a big thank you to all the artists and volunteers who helped make the performance and anniversary spectacular. Without your hard work, your time, your enthusiasm, your patience and your hard focus, the evening would not have been as successful as it used to be. Thanks also to all our contributors to our “Silent Auction”, which was a resounding hit. There were an incredible number of things to offer at the auction, ranging from beautiful paintings, to elegant jewelry, delicious experiences, fresh drinks, books and over to a chick dress, and much much more. Thanks.

The program presented was the following: 

Speaker were our close friend and former scholarship recipient Bill Holmberg Bill Holmberg

’Alborada del Gracioso’
Choreography: Morten Eggert
Music: Alison Smith: Maurice Ravel – Alborada del Gracioso
Dancers: Gudrun Bojesen and Morten Eggert.

Excerpt from ‘Chalk'
Choreography: Tim Rushton
Music: Petris Vasks, Musica Adventus, track 2
Dancer: Lukas Hartvig-Møller

Pas-de-deux fra ’Rubiner’
Choreography: George Balanchine
Music: Igor Stravinsky
Dancers: Ida Praetorius and Jón-Axel Fransson

Choreography: Sebastian Kloborg
Music: Digt af Lawrence Ferlinghetti
Dancers: Susanne Grinder and Alexander Stæger

Music: Domenico Donizetti ‘La filles aux Cheveaux de Lin’
Choreography:/Dancer: Gregory Dean
Pianist: Alison Smith

Pas de deux fra ’Don Quixote’
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music: Ludwig Minkus
Dancers: Holly Dorger and Jonathan Chmelensky

Nikolaj Hess and String Quartet
Music– Nikolaj Hess

Music: Selene Muñoz og Stephan Jarl
Dancers: Selene Muñoz og Stephan Jarl

 Solo from ’Raymonda’
Choreography: Marius Petipa
Music: Aleksandr Glazunov
Dancer: Astrid Elbo

‘Stabat Mater’
Choreography: Alessandro Sousa Pereira
Music: ‘Stabat Mater’ Antonio Vivaldi
Dancer: Ida Praetorius

Pas de deux from ’Living Room’
Choreography: Tina Tarpgaard
Music: Pelle Skovmand (composed for the performance Living Room in 2012)
Dancers: Siri Wolthoorn og Jonas Orkñer

Pas de six from ’Napoli’
Choreography: August Bournonville
Music: Edvard Helsted and H.S. Paulli
Dancers: Caroline Baldwin, Ida Praetorius, Holly Dorger, Alba Nadal, Alexander Stæger, Gregory Dean, Jón-Axel Fransson, Alexander Bozinoff.


A very heartfelt thank you to our sponsors for the “Silent Auction”: