The 22nd Gala of the Neel Resling Halpern Foundation Sunday 10th of November 2019 took place at the Royal Theater in Copenhagen

The NRH Foundation presented a fantastic program with Blixen, a large-scale ballet in three acts choreographed by Solo Dancers at the Royal Ballet Gregory Dean. Dean has previously created Cinderella and the Forgotten Children and is a former recipient of the Neel Resling Halpern Scholarship.

To newly arranged music by Claude Debussy, the story was told of the mythical and mysterious baroness who managed to bring the modern woman into literature.


At 1.30 pm - everyone gathered in the Royal Theatre's Cafe August B. From here the trip went backstage to the A-hall, where guests waited for a fantastic opportunity to meet the choreographer Gregory Dean - in conversation with former dancer at the Royal Ballet, Peter Brandenhoff.

At 2.45 pm- a call was made to the performance Blixen at the Royal Theater.

At 17.30 - this year's Halpern scholarship was presented to the recipient, Kizzy Matiakis who danced with the evening's performance. After the performance, the guests gathered in the audience foyer, and from there were shown on Gamle Scene, where the NRH Foundation held a reception and scholarship award ceremony.

It thus provided a rare opportunity to experience Blixen up close and personal, and meet several of the show's dancers. This unique opportunity for the participants to make their own personal "debut" at Gamle Scene - with their own Private Backstage Pass - was a generous gift to the Halpern Foundation from our special honorary member, ballet master Nikolaj Hübbe.


From the Foundation's board, we send a big thank you for all the support and backing over the years, and especially for making our scholarship presentation and gala possible. It is a great pleasure for us to share our annual Gala program with our guests.